Spider Control

Spiders are some of the most dangerous pests. Some of the species are harmless while other are extreme poisonous and can kill in a matter of hours if you do not seek emergency medical attention. Our company has the ability to eradicate spiders not only from your home but also from the landscape. We have a group of personnel who are specifically tasked with offer spider control services to our customers. We have invested in modern equipment and vans that are fully equipped with all the things they might need to offer the service.

Here are some of the proven methods of controlling spiders.

spider control

Use of Traps

This are also referred to as sticky traps as we apply glue around the edges to capture the spiders if they happen to walk over it. One of the main reasons why most clients prefer this method is that it is safe as compared to the traditional chemicals that companies used to use to fumigate homes. The only con associated with this method is that it covers less surface area. This means that the number of spiders that are caught by the trap is dependent on the location. You do not need to worry though, our team has the ability to carefully inspect your premises and choose the best places to place the traps. For instance, we can decide to place the glue trap in such a way that is adjacent or points towards the most infested parts of the house.

Control their Food Sources

This is by far one of the most effective ways of eliminating the spiders. Lack of food will eventually force them to look for alternative sources of food outside or die in the house if they do not succeed in finding a way out. We can help you with ideas on how to control their food sources. All the recommendations that we offer have been tested and proved to be effective in killing the spiders or forcing to relocate completely.

That said, it is important to note that the spiders might relocate back into your house after sometime no matter how thorough our service is if you do not the necessary precautionary measures such as;

Maintain High Hygiene Standards

you need to main high hygiene standards inside and outside the house. You can easily do this by regularly cleaning or hiring a cleaning company. Since they love to hide and breed in dusty places, ensure that your closets are always clean.

No matter the magnitude of the problem, we have the skills and expertise required to get rid of the spiders. Our services are very affordable as compared to what our competitors charge. However, we will never sacrifice the quality of our services for price. We will always be determined and committed to offering you the best service possible. When you do it early enough you can get away with cheap spider control.

Contact us today for more details about our spider control and other services that we can offer. No matter the nature of the problem, we are here to help you out.