About Morris



Thank you for taking time to visit our site, my name is Morris and I am the Operations Manager. Expert Pest Control Provider is an accredited company that specializes in helping get rid of all types of pests in homes and commercial areas. We have been operating for the last ten years and, so you can be sure that we will do a good job and complete it within the agreed timeframe. One of the main attributes that have helped us to stay at the top in this industry is our ability to understand the specific needs of the customer and delivering just that at an affordable price.

We have a team of twenty expert pest control personnel who help us offer services to our expansive customer base. On average, we get approximately 10 thousand customers per year. We expect this number to triple over the next three months as we plan to launch more offices and hire more personnel before the end of year.

Our pest control methods are unequal to no other as they are tested and approved as safe by a number of health and environmental safety control organizations. In addition, we continuously come up with ways of improving our service delivery by improving the methods that we use to eradicate the pests. For instance, we have a new method of getting rid of bedbugs. It is more effective and most of the other pest control companies have no clue about it.

We have also invested in a user-friendly website that you can use to not only learn more about our services but also get in touch with our support team by using the live chat system. You do not need any prior experience to navigate the site, as all the pages are clearly articulated as you will see.

Thank you and we hope to help you solve the pest problem completely.